Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It still counts.... honest!

So updates for you all!

I've been on a bit of an ebay binge while I was away and have so much stuff to paint its a bit overwhelming, never mind all the stuff i already had needing painted... namely: 

Eldar stuff: 8 dire avengers, 7 jetbikes, 6 rangers, 3 warwalkers, a nightspinner, 2 falcon grav tanks, an autarch, a farseer conversion, about 60 guardians, 3 vyper jetbikes, 6 howling banshee's, a warp hunter grav tank, maugan-Ra and a fire prism there's probably a few more bits i've missed there. oh yeah an eldar avatar too!

I have the whole dark vengence set to do and on it way i now have a dark angels battleforce, 8 chaos terminators plus termi champion, a chaos sorceror, a dark angels assault squad and Abaddon the despoiler!

BUT I'm not idling sitting by and letting things pile up, oh no i've already started to undercoat / highlight the chaos terminators. I will get better at using my airbrush if it kills me!

Here's some initial shots of the terminators, i'm going with black legion, I also intend to paint the dark vengence set up in black legion colours.