Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It still counts.... honest!

So updates for you all!

I've been on a bit of an ebay binge while I was away and have so much stuff to paint its a bit overwhelming, never mind all the stuff i already had needing painted... namely: 

Eldar stuff: 8 dire avengers, 7 jetbikes, 6 rangers, 3 warwalkers, a nightspinner, 2 falcon grav tanks, an autarch, a farseer conversion, about 60 guardians, 3 vyper jetbikes, 6 howling banshee's, a warp hunter grav tank, maugan-Ra and a fire prism there's probably a few more bits i've missed there. oh yeah an eldar avatar too!

I have the whole dark vengence set to do and on it way i now have a dark angels battleforce, 8 chaos terminators plus termi champion, a chaos sorceror, a dark angels assault squad and Abaddon the despoiler!

BUT I'm not idling sitting by and letting things pile up, oh no i've already started to undercoat / highlight the chaos terminators. I will get better at using my airbrush if it kills me!

Here's some initial shots of the terminators, i'm going with black legion, I also intend to paint the dark vengence set up in black legion colours.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

On the desk pt2

I think it's safe to say that this can be called an on the desk part 2 because all i've managed to get done is order a whole load of new bits, fully magnetise my autarch (for all the weapons / back equipment options excluding the missile launcher which has been converted to a death spinner) i'm also working on a converted helm with mandiblasters and a warp jump generator both of which are also magnetised ready to swap about as needed. it's my first attempt at this so i'll get it painted / finished up and then post some pictures.

I might have been slightly bad and gone ahead with purchasing an eldar warp hunter (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Eldar/ELDAR-WARP-HUNTER.html), truthfully I think it's an awesome tank but I also wanted the fire prism bits for magnetising so I could swap them out with my nightspinner. :) There are a few bits that I will be able to magnetise on the warp hunter but I don't plan on being able to swap it out for anything else.

off to do some spraying so apologies for the short update.

Friday, 9 August 2013

On the desk at the moment

So I have picked up painting again and lets be honest, it's long overdue. I have on my desk at the moment several things in various stages of completion.

My Nightspinner has been primed, the turret weapons have been magnetised for when I pick up a fire prism turret I can swap between them.

6 x howling banshee's currently primed black ready to be airbrushed.

Maugan-Ra primed black ready for airbrushing.

6 rangers primed black ready for airbrushing.

7 jetbikes primed white, ready for airbrushing.

1 x warwalker half magnetised and primed white awaiting the airbrush treatment.

10 x guardian defender squad needing highlights / finished off.

8 dire avengers undercoated blue awaiting airbrush highlights and then detail work.

I have lots and lots of other models here to work on, these are the ones i'm trying to focus on and will be updating the blog regarding in the near future. :D