Friday, 22 June 2012

So as promised, here's my list of things that i'll be doing on the blog in the near future, not necessarily in the listed order but these should give you an idea of what to look forward to:

  • More ebay bargins and my current list of Eldar including rough idea of points,
  • step by step stripping of miniatures: Metals,
  • step by step stripping of miniatures: Plastics,
  • My first squad in the green scheme,
  • Conversions with some green stuff,
  • Magnets!!
  • MAYBE some work on a friends chaos marines..
  • sample painted miniature: mainly white scheme,

And here's the start of tonight / tomorrows entertainment, 8 guardians undercoated and ready to be painted the same as the finished model. If I have enough time i'll also add the squads heavy weapon platform and gunnery crew too. All of these models were stripped using the technique i'll be sharing with you all in my 'step by step stripping of miniatures: Plastic' guide listed above.


  1. What did you basecoat and wash your guardian in? Is that Warpstone Glow over a white primer, with Biel Tan Green wash?

  2. Sorry man I didn't even see that this had a reply until now, my bad. White primer, snot Green / warpstone glow, biel tan wash initially highlighted with snot green / warpstone glow and then edging / line highlights done with goblin green / warboss green.