Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wow it's been a bit longer than I thought since my last post but thats college done for the summer so a lot of time to focus on this stuff. I've drawn up a 'to do list' of things i'll be getting done and then updating over the next few weeks or so which i'll get up in the next few days.

So anyways, the postman's been and i've got some news bits and bobs, namely my undercoat spray and a few paints that I needed for my colour scheme. I also got a few bits that I picked up cheap from Germany AND my shiney 'almost' new codex.

As I have so many guardians I figured I could do with trying out 2 different variations of the same theme and go ahead and paint the rest with which one I liked best... or even just go ahead with both for some variety if they both come out well.

So I started off by trimming all the moulding lines off both models and then applying my white undercoat.

I then basecoated the majority of the model in snot green followed by a Biel-Tan green wash. I then lightly drybrushed a mix of snot green and moot green over this with a line highlight on the edge of the armour plates in moot green. The Gem is a layer of tentacle pink with a stroke of 50/50 pink and white over the lower half followed by a dot of pure white on top to simulate a gemstone. The helm was painted pure white with some blood red in the eyes. The metal's and gun were basecoated black with boltgun metal picking out the detail. You'll notice that I havn't done anything with the base just yet, this is mainly because I've yet to decide what i'll be doing for the whole army base wise so once i've decided on a theme i can then make sure they all tie in together.

You'll have to excuse the pose the model is in, this is a second hand model so my choice was limited. :S

I really like the green scheme so will paint a whole squad up in this, finish off the white guy though I think I might darken him up a bit and then highlight in white to try and get some more definition on it and then put some more pics up.


  1. I wondered why your blog layout was so green, it makes sense to me now lol! :D

    1. Lol Yeah, Biel tan is a green oriented volour scheme, i'll try to fancy things up a bit as I go on, but I have models to be painting. :D