Thursday, 1 May 2014

A new collection / labour of love and a bit of a bastion.

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I've been spending a lot of time recently working on another terrain project and pretty much nothing else. I was inspired by the original card punched terrain sets GW put out when I started in the hobby many many years ago, in particular the Imperial bastion and the imperial firebase. not you can pick these up on ebay 2nd hand and i'm sure you'd derive just as much enjoyment out of them as the end result of my project however being the glutton for punishment I am I decided that no, buying a 2nd hand kit would be far too easy and seeing as I'm trying to challenge myself why not built my own one from scratch.... well some might call me mad, inspired, some weird wobbly line somewhere in the middle of the two however with nothing more than some old necromunda bulkheads,some plasticard, a rough idea of how the bastion looked and plenty of glue, sweat, tears and cuss words later i've arrived at something that closely resembles the original piece. I will touch more on this in another blog post however as being the complete tool that I am I decided that i'd leave the WIP at home and not have it to hand to take awesome show off style pictures of...

So while wallowing in my nostalgia trip to ages past when I had a lot less going on in my life, I was scouring ebay.... never a good thing when you suffer from Magpie syndrome when I stumbled across some old limited edition (read expensive on ebay) models that a friend of mine used to collect (he actually still has his models and wont part with them, believe me I asked!!!) called the praetorian imperial guard. You can read all about these models and why they were created here at the massacre at big toof river.

So I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the following which i'll strip back to metal and repair where needed.

This is enough to get me started I think but is a far cry for where i'll probably need to be for my usual 1k points games, sadly I have no clue how to play guard other than the usual image in my head of a big gun line with tanks supporting but I hear they have some pretty good flyers. If you have any advice on how to go about establishing a decent 1k list then please do drop me a line, offering advice, suggestions, tips or just general comments are appreciated.

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