Friday, 25 April 2014

Eldar on the desk update.

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I figured I'd do a follow-up to my original 1k eldar list post as more of an update on progress as well as exactly what needs doing to each model / unit where appropriate, I was also considering doing this as a weekly / bi-weekly thing and maybe even as a vlog on youtube because sometimes these things are just better on a video than still images... not 100% on this but as always any feedback / suggestions are welcome. I do feel I need to be using youtube more especially now I'm seemingly starting to get a regular reader base for the blog. I believe I should be thanking +Fritz 40K and those on the Warmaster forums for their help and support in this regard.

Anyway I digress, back to the topic at hand, my eldar game league list, as a reminder for those who have yet to read the original post here is my initial 1k list which i've also included an update as to exactly where I am at with each unit:

Autarch w/ Fusion Gun, Laser Lance, Mantle of the Laughing God, Jetbike (BNIB / yet to be converted)

5 Striking Scorpions (being stripped)
Exarch w/ Scorpion's Claw 
(being stripped)
Wave Serpent w/ Holo-Fields (BNIB)

5 Dire Avengers (painted not yet based)
Wave Serpent w/ Holo-Fields 

3 Windrider Jetbike (jetbikes under-coated awaiting guardian body conversion)
3 Windrider Jetbike (jetbikes under-coated awaiting guardian body conversion)

Heavy Support
Fire Prism w/ Holo-fields (painted not yet based)
Warp Hunter w/ Holo-fields (base-coated, highlighted, needs detailing and based)

I have been somewhat distracted with terrain making of late and after making the bunker highlighted in my previous blog posts Pt1 here, and Pt2 here I am almost done with quite a large project which I will post more details of next week.

So here's where I go into a bit more detail about my conversion plans or general outline for what I want to do with each of the models.

With the Autarch I'm basically looking to build / convert him from scratch using green stuff and a dire avengers exarch sprue, ofc I will magnetize where I can for extra options.

The striking scorpions are all old metal models, one of which is missing a sword so I have some bits on hand to make a push mold of one of the other models swords and will just make a new one out of green stuff, the painted scorps are currently sitting in a tub of acetone to remove the paint.

The wave serpents I want to keep pretty much standard but by following the conversions guide on Andrew Hicks website I want to magnetise for all options etc, I may even try to do some freehand designs on the hull to break up to open space on the panels. Andy's website is amazing for inspiration if your a budding or even a veteran conversion oriented person, this guy has some serious skills.

The jet bikes will stay largely standard with possible magnetising of the weapon options so I can include under-slung upgrades, but the models were second hand originally and have a very rough paint job as well as the riders already attached, I'm already looking to remove the riders and remodel them following +IDICBeer 's guide here and I'm also contemplating just stripping these as well.

The warp hunter is currently being painted and as it stands has a nice freehand on it of the Biel-tan symbol and also has some options magnetized underneath for weapons

I will be in the process of moving over the next month so I will try to keep up with my blogging commitments and keep you all with plenty to read about!

Let me know what you think, if you have any comments suggestions questions or any general feedback I'd love to hear it, thanks again for stopping by!

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