Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Warp Hunter Pt2

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This week i've carried on painting the warp hunter, i've finished off the black lining in between all the panels and then covered all the green areas with a biel-Tan wash. Following this I then set about adding a line of green around all the panel work, with the exception of the white and red areas which had a lining of skull white and scab red respectively.

I then set about adding the OSL to the main weapon, both at the barrel end and then also further back on the hull of the vehicle, this was achieved by spraying blue followed by lighter blue followed by a fine spray of skull white in the middle.

I also added a drakenhof nightshade wash to all the white / grey areas prior to edging the white bits.

You can also see more detail of this over on my WIP thread on +Fritz 40K 's Warmaster forums.

Incidentally if your after a bit more info on the bastion I have a regularly updated post here.

For the most part the warp hunter is done, I need to detail some of the gems but everything is magnetised where it needs to be and with the exception of the gems were done!!

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