Tuesday, 1 July 2014

on the desk 07.01.14

Hi Guys,

Thanks for stopping by!

So what have i been up to recently while i've been slacking on the blogging front?

Well Ive been trying to expand my networking / exposure online through interacting with the hobby community on Google+, you can see my most recent Monday morning hangouts on +Cryptek 's youtube channel which you can find here. These are a lot of fun and have introduced me to a whole host of people who all partake and encourage great things in the hobby. Through this i've been introduced to +Mike Scott  who is running a competition throughout the month of July for which i'll be entering into the terrain category. For details on the feast fest comp check out this link. There's also a hangout on there where you can see some progress on the jetbikes towards the end of their completion for another thing I've been up to but more on that in a bit. Also on the hangout is another guy I've met through the Google+ community +Martin McNeil he's set up a full commissions service where he can help from the point of interest in a particular army, through to making a list, buying / converting the models and then painting them, not only are his models painted to a very high standard but he rattles them out super quick here's a link to his facebook page for the studio.

Back to the jetbikes, these were painted as part of a painting threat that runs every month over at the WGC site, really great way to get yourself motivated and stick to painting your pledge.

Last but not least the Warmaster painting competition is well under way and finished on the 10th of July so I need to crack on with that this week, but i'll pick up more on that in another post.

Thanks for stopping by!

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