Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Prickly Terrain Studios

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Well it's October the 1st and officially today is the day my commission terrain making business is launched!!! It's all very early days and for the most part I'm currently working on some pieces for various competitions or friends who have asked me to make bit's for them. I'm also working on some pieces for +Fritz 40K but more to follow on that in another blog / vlog. Here's a quick run down of the general blurb for Prickly Terrain Studio:

Here at Prickly Terrain Studio we make bespoke terrain pieces to suit your needs and requirements, this could be anything from a set of objective markers through to a full gaming table. After contacting us for a quote we will get in touch to discuss the project and identify your requirements so as to give a more accurate indication of time-scales and cost, all of which is free and your under no obligation. Once your happy we will arrange a contract and take 50% upfront, the remainder to be paid upon completion. You will receive regular updates, photo's and video's throughout the duration of the project allowing you to see exactly what stage it is at right up until it is safely packed and on it's way to you.

We don't believe in confusing matters or making things overly complex when it comes to pricing and your quote will reflect this. Simply put, you will be paying the cost of materials, my time at a basic rate and shipping. I don't agree with offering a multitude of different levels of work, you'll get my best work every minute I'm working on your project. You want something basic with not so many details it wont take me as long to make it, if however you want something intricate, large or with a lot of detail in it then it will take me longer and the number of hours I quote for the project will reflect that.

An example piece of terrain would be a small ruined building this would take roughly 4 hours to make(basic rate of £7 per hour), the materials would cost roughly £4 and postage in the uk would be around £3 giving a total quote of £35. Each project is different and if there were multiple buildings being done at the same time the average time to make each building would be less than 4 hours as a lot of the work would be done at the same point.

Now that's out of the way you can find contact info and a gallery (I know how some of you out there prefer the pictures over words.... yes i'm looking at you +33claydog) on the studio website here but also please like the facebook page and help spread the word!

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