Monday, 21 May 2012

It starts! Paint area, ideas and stripping...

Hello good people of the internet!

I figured i'd show off a little of my working area, a stripped model that I got off ebay, an initial idea of how my icons etc could sort of look when painted onto the models and the start of a long learning curve in painting again.

First up a couple of snaps of my desk, cluttered yet workable this will be the hub of my modelling activities over the course of this blog. You can see in the pic the collection of paints I picked up online, second hand.... from ebay.. Yes, yes I should really stop going on there, fear nto i have actually purchased some undercoat and a load of paints directly from GW to compliment what I currently have. I have to say I was somewhat dubious as to getting second hand paints, minatures can be stripped etc so even if they look naff you can pretty much get them back to a 'fresh model' with a little bit of work, but paints could be in any state as you rarly get to see inside the pot's on the pictures. Out of 31 paints only a couple needed some life worked into them(read some water added and beaten into submission with a cocktail stick) and one is pretty rubbish it was pretty much set in the tub. They were all hardly used aswell so i managed to pick up a bit of a bargin. :D

A quick note on stripping models, you can see an example of a second hand war walker (old style) currently on my desk, I used nothing more than some nail varnish remover and a toothbrush to get rid of the old paint job each part was soaked for 10 minutes then rubbed down till the paint was gone. Cheap and easy to do, but only really works with the metals. I've got some stuff on order to do the plastic models as the nail varnish remover kinda makes the plastic go soft so isnt advisable for using with them, so i'll update with more details when I have tried that out.

So onto my paint stuff, as i've said before i'll be painting my army in the green and white Biel-Tan colours, i've shown some examples of their colours and icons used, excuse the bad photoshop skills but this is a close approximation to the freehand stuff I will be aiming to do on some of the larger models. I was trying to get a blended effect on the colours with some shading aswell, hopefully after some experimentaation this will look better on the model than it does in photoshop. :S

Also for your viewing pleasure an example of my attempts at blending on a jetbike model that wont be used for anything other than spares / practice as it was part of a job lot of stuff I bought from ebay and I already have a lot of jetbikes in much better shape to work with.

The pic with the seat to the left side I have tried to use a 'wet blend' fading from a dark angels green through snot green and finally goblin green at the bottom and around the edge. Wet Blending btw is a process of mixing very diluted paint while still wet on the model itself to achieve a smooth transition of colour from one shade to the next. It was only my first go at the technique and I think all I managed to do was make a new green and put some lighter green on one edge.

The other side was done using a 'dry blend' approach where I painted the dark green towards the top, the snot green at the bottom and slowly worked the snot green into the dark angels till there was no paint left on the brush. I'll then add a highlight around the bottom edge with the goblin green to finish it off.

I much prefer the pic with the dry blend aproach, this was also significantly easier to do than the wet blend method, so I think i'll stick to the dry and try to refine that going forward. That about wraps up everything I have to say at the moment, I'll try to get some stuff up as and when my new purchases arrive!!!

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