Friday, 18 May 2012

So here's the list of minatures i've managed to pick up, some old models and some new, all of them are in various stages of completion / need of repair, some are in need of striping, some just need a repaint, some will be canabalised for other models and some will just be used to practice techniques on. I have a codex on its way, once that arrives i'll total up a rough points equivalent although i'm not expecting it to be a competative list by any means:

67 Guardians,
8 Guardian jetbikes,
5 Howling Banshee's,
3 Dire Avengers,
3 Support Weapon Platforms with crew,
2 Striking Scorpions,
1 Swooping Hawk Exarch,
1 Ranger,
1 fire Dragon,
1 Falcon Grav Tank,
1 Night Spinner Grav Tank,
1 Vyper Jetbike,
1 War Walker,

All in all this would have cost in the region of £340 brand new, but I paid around £110 so I cant really complain! And here's some pictures of the assembled/unassembled masses:

More on colour schemes, idea's and inspiration in the next article....


  1. I will be following this with great interest Zang :D As you might remember, I've recently picked up the hobby myself... Have a look at (been slacking on updating sadly;)

    1. Looks good man, your paint area looks far more organised than mine!!! I guess I could put a picture of that up but its hardly awe inspiring. :S

      I'll work out how to follow your blog and link to it from here. :D

    2. Well, I had to start from scratch so might as well do it proper... That would be cool, I'll try and do the same from mine:D