Saturday, 19 May 2012

So I've been spending a bit of time over the past week or 2 looking at all sorts of painting guides, techniques and what not. When it comes to Eldar there are 5 'main' craftworlds each with their own colour schemes and army types; Alaitoc(Blue and Yellow), Biel-Tan(Green and White), Iyanden(Yellow and Blue), Saim-Hann(Red and Black) and Ulthwé(Black and Bone). Note the colours in brackets denote the primary colour first followed by the secondary one. Each has a main symbol / icon / rune associated with it; The Eye of Isha - Ulthwé, The Shrine of Asuryan - Iyanden, The Cosmic Serpent - Saim-Hann, The Reborn - Biel-Tan and The Doom of Eldanesh - Alaitoc.

Personally I particularly like the Biel-Tan colour scheme which focuses on Green and white with 'The Reborn' (The symbol looks a bit like a cross with a cup on top with a heart in it and symbolises reincarnation). An Example of this can be seen here (note this is a games workshop image I'm simply using it to illustrate):

You tend to find with a lot of Biel-Tan armies the standard green white combo. some favour white as the primary colour, some favour green, some even use greys instead of the whites for a more unique looks. A common feature of Biel-Tan armies, the vehicles in particular, is a stylised thorns pattern, commonly found on large areas of solid colour such as vehicle armour. Example here, this one is used on a banner in conjunction with 'The Reborn' symbol (again this isn't mine I'm simply using it as an example):

Now while I do like the thorns style generally speaking I'm going to be attempting something a bit different with it... Which I will put some pictures up when I've worked on it a bit more.

I've also been on eBay again. :S Picked up a codex and some paints, 31 to be exact, and have tried my hand at 'blending' on a mini that was kinda unusable so I will put some pictures of that up too.

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