Friday, 18 May 2012

So a long long time ago I was a collector of citadel minatures, were talking 8-9 years ago now, I had a small wood elf army for Warhammer and ultramarine and chaos for 40k. I'd go along to the stores and have the odd game with my pals, never really entered any tournaments or anything like that, then I discovered a more outgoing social life and money that used to be spent on gaming was oriented more to going out etc. A friend of mine recently started collecting 40k chaos marines and it sparked my interest up again, initially I was very hesitant as I knew if I started up the hobby again I would end up spending lots of money that I dont really have, saying that I did say to him at the time that if I was ever to pick up the hobby again i'd more than likely start an eldar army and take it from there. Moving on a few weeks i'm finding myself needing to go to ebay rehab after picking up one bargin after another at a more justifyable price for my wallet!! So much for being hesitant about getting back into the hobby.....

I'll add up what I have got and provide a list with pics in a future post but suffice to say I have a decent sized army that is in various stages of completion. Should have plenty to keep me occupied over the summer!!

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