Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Another week and more progress

Hello again and thanks for reading my blog.

Without further delay lets get right into the meat of what I'm planning to do over the next few months. As my friends will know I'm moving down south of the border again in summer to live with my Fiancée while this in itself is amazing I have also been invited to join a 40k league to have some regular play. Which means I need to have an army painted to a respectable level to play with... even though apparently sometimes they play with just assembled models without paint.

Anyway I figure that even though I have a significant amount of stuff I could paint / play my focus has always been the Eldar so my priority should be to get my list ready. What is your list I hear you cry? Well I'm planning on running the following or variations of the following initially which gives me a more focused to do list than I currently have.

Autarch w/ Fusion Gun, Laser Lance, Mantle of the Laughing God, Jetbike

5 Striking Scorpions
Exarch w/ Scorpion's Claw
Wave Serpent w/ Holo-Fields

5 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent w/ Holo-Fields

3 Windrider Jetbike
3 Windrider Jetbike

Heavy Support
Fire Prism w/ Holo-fields
Warp Hunter w/ Holo-fields

The league is 1k points and this should bring me in at 997 and should be fun to learn with.

So on that note my painting list basically follows the list above with the exception of the Fire prism already being completed and I've also made some progress in the form of completing the old school Dire Avengers which have been sat on my desk for about 2 months which can also be ticked off too! Now you could argue that as they aren't based they aren't finished... well sure once I decide what basing style I'm going for I'll 'finish' them properly. :)

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