Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Long time hiatus and what i've been up to

Hello and welcome to my blog. My last post on here seems to have been some time ago due to a multitude of things but mainly that my hobby was taking a back burner while I focused on other things. I now find myself with more time and will attempt to be posting on a more consistent / weekly basis.

So Good news! I have actually been painting things and for a reason too. I've been quite active over on +Fritz 40K  Warmaster Forums. Where you can find me under my usual tag of Zangetsu. There's a WIP post with all of my to do list and updates on progress AND I even found time to enter a competition. Considering my mediocre painter status I actually think my entry turned out pretty well.

I managed to try out some new techniques on this and have actually been starting to use my airbrush. I will get better at it but i'm pretty happy with the end result anyway!

My to do list at the moment consists of the following: 

1 female Farseer scratchbuild,
1 Avatar,
1 Autarch,
60 Guardians,
10 Guardian jetbikes,
6 Howling Banshee's,
28 Dire Avenger's(8 painted),
3 Support Weapon Platforms with crew,
6 Striking Scorpions, 
7 Rangers,
5 warp spiders,
2 wave serpents,
2 Falcon Grav Tanks,
2 fire prism / Night Spinner Grav Tanks(1 painted),
1 Warp hunter,
3 Vyper Jetbike's,
3 War Walker's,

For my Chaos Space Marines I have the following:
Everything from the DV limited edition boxed set (Lord, 6 Chosen, 1 Helbrute, 20 cultists),
9 termies (5 painted),
10 marines,
1 Rhino,
1 Forgefiend,
1 Heldrake,

And last but not least I have the following for my Dark Angels:
Everything from the DV limited edition boxed set (Company master, Chaplin, Librarian, 5 termies, 10 marines, 3 bikes),
Dark Angels Battleforce (6 bikes, attack bike and a landspeeder),
5 man assault squad,

I'll leave it at that for now and follow up with another post next week. Thanks for stopping by!

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