Monday, 14 April 2014 Large paint Stand and large corner paint stand review

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We've all been there right we get that urge to be a little more organised with our hobby area, whether it's then put off till you have more time or if it's a genuine effort to become more efficient and have less desk clutter through to maybe even setting up a clear working area to do with your own commission service.

I'm usually one with delusions of having a clutter free desk and being more organised but really all I ever do when I tidy up or organise something is then fill the old now uncluttered area up with something new that I probably could have found a better home for anyway. I'm one for watching a lot of video's on youtube regarding painting or battle reports and I kept seeing all these pro painters with a significantly more organised painting area than my own and as my painting area also doubles up as my work area for programming games etc I figured that I would make efforts to try and make things look a little bit neater.

I searched a few different sites out for painting racks and stands trying to find one that I liked the look of and stumbled across a website based in Poland who also had what appeared to be the best value for money I'd come across too a large paint rack holding 81 gw sized pots for less than £12 after counting up my current paint collection which was stashed in a drawer and not that easy to access I figured I would need to get one of their corner pieces too which came in at just under a tenner and holds 33 pots.

Well I put my order in and the package arrived in the mail today(3 working days from order to delivery), the first thing I noticed is that it was so well and securely wrapped it could probably survive being driven over by a tank (the picture to the right is after I got through the initial wrapping). This is in no way a negative criticism, in the gaming world there is an undercurrent of apprehension whenever ordering goods from other countries (or in some cases even your own countries... I'm looking at you ebay purchases!).

No-one wants their goods to arrive in anything less than perfect condition and the guys at hobbyzone certainly made sure this was going to be the case. Once I'd got through the cellophane and bubble wrapped exterior and xacto-knifed through the neatly sealed and branded hobbyzone box and then a further interior wrapping of bubble wrap I was greeted with that oh so delicious smell of freshly cut wood that you usually only find in workshops or the like.

I opened the large (straight) paint stand first and checked through all the pieces, no damage and one side covered in a nice clean white finish, I couldn't find any assembly instructions but being a man I figured that had there been any I probably wouldn't have read them anyway. Not that any were needed as assembly was very straightforward, glue is optional and I found that the stand was rigid without needing to glue the joints.

With the large stand sorted and filled with most of my paints I set about putting together the corner piece, same story with the packaging and the oh so good smell of the cut wood again, this time I had a small instruction booklet as the assembly of the corner piece requires that you put the shelves into the 'spine' of the stand and then attach the final 2 supports after the shelves are in place.

Assembly for both racks took less than 5 minutes total and as you can see in the picture below leaves a very professional and organised looking way to store your paints. the only negative thing I can say about these is that I did underestimate the size of the racks as my desk currently isn't the largest but there are smaller racks available on the site and I will definitely be going back for another section when my collection of paints expands. That in itself though is a failing on my part in checking the footprint of the paint stand rather than a negative on the actual product itself.

The picture below shows the 2 racks side by side and filled with my paints and a few extras, you could easily add magnets to the edges of the stands so that they stick together but honestly they will work perfectly well without.

Hopefully this review was of use / interesting, if you have any questions then feel free to drop me a message or comment below, if you think others would benefit from reading this then please feel free to rate and share!

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